Who We Are

Alison Sacriponte
Gutchies Founder

Gutchies is an underwear brand that believes in better basics — better for you and better for our planet. Made from eucalyptus, our undies are eco and skin-friendly and designed to promote intimate health and wellness.

Our closest layer deserves more attention, and we want to spark healthy and smart conversations about our bodies.

Made by women for women, Gutchies started after a persistent UTI. More than half of women worldwide suffer from common female health issues like bladder and yeast infections, and sometimes the wrong underwear can be the culprit. They trap heat, moisture, and bacteria, which can disrupt our bodies' delicate microbiome. After lots of research, we came up with the best recipe for underwear to promote your body's intimate health and wellness.

Doctors and folk wisdom agree: your underwear should breathe! Synthetic fabrics are plastic-based and create a nasty environment on our bodies (and they stink!). They're full of harsh chemicals and toxins that get absorbed by our skin and our planet. The pollution continues with every wash, as microplastics release into our water. Ick.

It's definitely time for something better.

Gutchies are made from eucalyptus in a revolutionary zero-waste process.

The results are incredibly smooth fibers that are breathable, durable, and antimicrobial. They're 50% more breathable than cotton, and production is 95% more environmentally friendly than conventional methods. Less water, less waste, and no pesticides or harsh chemicals.

Our classic cuts focus on comfort and hygiene in minimalist styles that are designed to last. Thanks to the fiber’s strong natural properties, you can wear them more, wash them less, and stay clean!

Made in Europe from start to finish, we are founded in sustainability. Apparel is one of the most polluting industries in the world, so we exclusively work with partners who are pioneering change. We seek harmony between nature and technology, people and planet, humanity and economy. Healthy bodies need a healthy world.