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cleaner body, cleaner world.

Comfy Undies
That Keep You Clean

Gutchies makes intimate apparel that promotes bodily health and wellness, sustainably made from eucalyptus in an eco-friendly process.

  • Nontoxic, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic
  • More breathable than cotton
  • Smother than silk
  • Natural & biodegradable
  • More sustainable than any other fiber

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Not Fun Facts About Women Underwear

— 93% of women suffer from intimate health deceases,
— 372 million get recurrent yeast infection,
— 100% of them are suffering and annoyed.

The main reason of most of the intimate health deceases is disbalanced microbiom. Synthetic fabrics, which is the most underwear is made of, like polyester or spandex trap heat and moisture which creates a very comfortable environment for harmful bacteria to flourish in your intimate areas. “EEWW” is right!

Gutchies Makes Healthy Undies

The high-tech fabric we use to produce Gutchies is scientifically proven to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria by 2000x times when compared to some of the synthetic fibers. It drastically reduces the risk of intimate deceases, prevents odor, and feels smoother than silk!

  • Antimicrobial

    Helps maintain the body’s natural balance & microbiome.

  • Moisture Managing

    No pesticides, fertilizers, harsh chemicals or toxins to be absorbed by the skin.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Super soft fibrils are non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin.

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“Healthy For Me, Healthy For We”

Fashion industry is one of the main pollutant on the planet. Gutchies fabric is made in an eco-friendly closed-loop process and is biodegradable. It is much cleaner and easier to produce than any other material like bamboo or organic cotton. Every time you buy gutchies you help making our planet a better place!

  • Organic

    No pesticides, fertilizers, harsh chemicals or toxins to be absorbed by the skin.

  • Natural

    Raw wood material sustainable sourced, e.g. eucalyptus and birchwood.

  • Biodegradable

    Made in a closed-loop eco-friendly production process leaving virtually no footprint.

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Alison Sacriponte, CEO


— Gutchies CEO & Founder

"Made by women for women, Gutchies started from a persistent UTI. Fed up with chronic infections, our founder embarked on a personal journey towards intimate health and wellness."

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